The best way of starting a new day for me is to see a sunrise. This time belongs to me and I’d like to spend it watching a battle. A battle where the light launches its invasion against the darkness. I know the winner of the battle. Moreover, you know him too. This battle happens every day. Fortunately, for the viewers, the battle named sunrise happens every day differently.

“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.”

― Jo Walton

Today I choose a Cabo Girao cinema to watch my favourite battle between the light and the darkness.

Aerial footage of sunrise at Cabo Girao cliffs (Madeira Island)

The light’s military force is coming from the east. You will see its advancing vanguard above Funchal. In winter, the army of light prefers to attack the darkness from the Atlantic. Actually, wintertime is the best time for Cabo Girao’s observation post.

Mountain at sunrise
Aerial view at red cliffs of Cabo Girao at sunrise

The sun rises in the Atlantic and paints everything around in warm colors.

Red mountains tops at sunrise
Sunrise at Cabo Girao Madeira Island

During the weather change, you will witness a more epic fight with tons of red blood in the sky. The light conquers highlands and mountains first. Then it starts getting down to valleys until the sea level.

Viewpoint of Cabo Girao
The viewpoint of Cabo Girao at sunrise

The battle is over when everything around gets color.

Cabo Girao and Camara de Lobos
Early morning light at Cabo Girao and Camara de Lobos slopes

There are a few advantages of Cabo Girao for meeting a sunrise:

1) Cabo Girao has a great panoramic view around. You can see Funchal, Camara de Lobos with its colourful boats and the Atlantic Ocean;

Cabo Girao cliffs
Red cliffs of Cabo Girao and Camara de Lobos valley at sunrise

2) The cliff is visible far from its place. If it is covered by clouds, then you go back to the bed and watch your dreams;

Cabo Girao viewpoint
Above Cabo Girao viewpoint at sunrise

“If you wish to see the sunrise you must get up before the Sun”

― Roland R Kemler

3) You do not have to get up too early to get there before the sunrise. Getting to Cabo Girao from Funchal will take you about 15 min by car.

The viewpoint is close at sunrise/sunset time. However, there are plenty of great spots near to see a born of a new day. I saw my best sunrises here and here.

Cabo Girao from Atlantic Ocean
Approaching Cabo Girao cliffs from the Atlantic ocean