My Madeira Island magazine is a part of Associação My Madeira Island, a non-profit.

The MMI strives to support the development of Madeira Island through the organization of cultural and educational events and online activities. We also aim to develop the social, professional and personal competencies of young people and adults by organizing local and international projects, camps, training courses, conferences, seminars, consultations, lectures, and other educational activities, based on non-formal education principles.

Our typical activities:

– workshops around media literacy, storytelling and creative writing (for the well-being of the community and promoting the potential of the island and its inhabitants);

– photography workshops (various topics: night sky photography, portraiture, event photography, landscape photography, etc.);

– video making workshops with professional equipment and mobile phones (for blogging, creating e-learning materials, interview making, video reports about educational activities, etc.);

– digital skills and soft skills for more successful online career for young people and adults (this is connected with the limited job market on the island, especially now during COVID-19);

– other projects promoting democratic values, equal opportunities, human rights, and harmonious development of people and communities.

A My Madeira Island slow journalism magazine is a part of the association and helps to reach out aims and goals.

The magazine talks about Madeira and its people – aiming to promote the island, increase its touristic potential, and also to present the island through the stories of its people, avoiding to be another faceless destination and thus minimizing a consumerist approach towards its natural and cultural heritage.

We create photo and video content for the magazine ourselves.

The team also participates in regular reforestation activities where we plant trees endemic for Madeira, to counteract wildfires on the island. We also promote an active lifestyle for youth, especially via sports activities such as surfing.

And we love organizing and playing treasure hunt games, via mobile apps and old style.

My Madeira Island team is a group of professionals and enthusiasts combining a variety of skills: writing, web, SEO, photo and video, management, training, and facilitating.

Here we are:

Anastasia Mazur, André Quintal, Andriy Petryna, Janine Rodrigues, Susana Gonçalves and others.


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